Lately I have been playing on Minecraft and have seemed to get rather obsessed with it so I thought I’d pester the implodes of Minecraft even more by recommending it to you. 
Minecraft is a whole world made out of cubes.

  • You can make different worlds and save it 
  • You can fly to space
  • On survival you can eat
  • You can spare animals with eggs
  • If your in the same world you can join other players
  • Finally it is awesome
  • Me and my cousin play on it together

Alice in wonderland by Lewis Carroll

This year its the 150th anniversary of Alice in wonderland being published. It is one of the most famous and well known books in the world. Alice in wonderland is based on peculiar and strange happenings, you can get different types of Alice in wonderland you can get ones for kids and adults as it can be too hard for kids to read the adult version.



Book Review: Gangsta Granny by David Walliams

Gangsta granny is a funny book for kids, the two main charters are Granny and Ben. Ben is a eleven year old boy who thinks his granny is so boring, but every thing changes when he finds out her secret. Granny is an elderly woman who has a amazing secret, and loves reading gangsta books and magazines, maybe that has something to do with it. 

I would recommend this book for any age. it is easy to read even toddlers would like it if their parents read it. I would rate it five stars I haven’t finished reading it but the book is very good so far.  


All about Pippy 

Pippy is a friendly bunny that gets called pip for short. She loves going on adventures, playing with her friends and cuddling in. She will jump on you for gigantic cuddles and if you sleep too long or when your not supposed too. Sometimes she tells you off if she doesn’t get meals at the right time. Pippy is a very talented bunny for her age, she is 7 years old. Pippy has the same birthday as me the 12th of June. Pippy can do the splits and she is very flexible. 



Makers Faire 2015 @ Centre for Life, Newcastle

On Sunday the 26th of April, my parents and me went to the Makers Faire at the Centre for Life. When we arrived I realised that there was a lot of people. We walked into the building and I saw a lot of exiting new experiments that we could try. I saw some silly people dressed up as Star Wars characters , I saw someone dressed up as a dinosaur with a robotic head. My favourites was the sewing machine and a 3d printer that printed with chocolate! What I loved was a make your own lantern.  


After we tried out a couple of things we had a little play, I dug in the sand looking for bones, I hung upside down on the climbing frame, me and mammy played what similarities do these animals have?  Now my lantern is hanging in my room .